Jade Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Mat

If you are in the market for a Yoga mat, the Jade Yoga mats are easily found. They are considered to be a green mate because of the materials used to make the mats. They are made of open cell, natural rubber allowing for no slipping on the mat even when wet. Natural rubber has no slip properties to it and given that it is a renewable resources found in rubber trees, it makes it a natural way to get what you need. If you have a latex allergy you should seek the advice of a physician before using these mats. These mats contain no ozone depleting substances and are PVC free. They are resilient providing unbeatable resistance and cushioning.

These mats are available in a number of sizes. You can purchase them in the Travel size measuring 1/8 inches thick, the Professional size measuring 3/16 inches thick and the Fusion size measuring 5/16 inches thick. All of the mats are 24 inches wide. They also make a Jade XW which is extra wide measuring 27 inches and comes in the Professional thickness and in both the 68 inch and the 74 inch lengths. The color choices for the Jade XW are Midnight Blue and Olive Green.

This great mat can be hand washed with mild soap and water or machine washed in gentle cycle depending on size. It should be hung or laid flat to dry. Prolong exposure to sunlight can cause fading so should be avoided.

Prices for these mats run from $50 to $100 and are well worth the money. They are easily located on the internet and at many retailers.

For those in the market for a Yoga mat that will hold up and those who want to put in their two cents toward protecting the planet, this is a great way to go green.

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Jade Yoga Mat
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